A Stellar, Substantial Update to Smoke and Sacrifice is Now Live on Nintendo Switch

The team at Solar Sail Games were hard at work on their next patch for their beautiful and atmospheric action-RPG Smoke and Sacrifice after listening to plenty of community feedback. The update initially went live on July 9th for Steam users, but now Nintendo Switch owners no longer need to wait. This latest patch includes numerous quality of life improvements and a few extra features which should now make the overall experience more pleasant. Listed below are the official patch notes:

Inventory Management Improvements: 

  • We’ve added an inventory sort button for instant organisation.
  • You can now see what you’ve stored inside chests on the map screen.
  • We’ve increased stack limits, so you can carry more items.
  • You can also now merge two stacks by dragging and dropping one onto another.

Improved Controls: 

  • Keys, tokens, quest items and activators can now be used or applied with a single, context-sensitive button press – no need to open the inventory.
  • We also added a button to equip and unequip your lantern.
  • You can now hold your mouse button down to walk continuously.

Save System Improvements: 

  • Story cutscenes now offer the opportunity to save your progress.
  • Reminders to use the manual save Terminals have been added at key points.

Improvements to clarity of objectives: 

  • The quest log text and presentation more clearly indicates what to do next.
  • The quest log now indicates when a goal isn’t yet possible to complete.

Balancing improvements: 

  • We’ve made weapons gain more health on repair, and last longer than before.
  • Boots now last forever, so no more death from shoe expiry in dangerous areas.
  • The cost of crafting some items is now cheaper, improving game pace.
    Improved instructions:
  • A warning icon is now shown when equipped items are about to expire.
  • Early tutorials have been extended to explain controls and features more fully

Options and Tech:

  • We’ve added volume sliders to the options screen.
  • We’ve also fixed a number of bugs.

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