Assault Spy Introduces New Gameplay Updates

Assault Spy has some fresh new updates in its Early Access phase! More information can be found at the full blog post. Here are some snapshots featuring a new area, “Stealth Levels,” and more:

New Area: Back Lot
A new area means new enemies, skills, and challenges that corporate spy Asaru will face. What obstacles will come between you and finding out the truth behind Negabot Corporation?

New Feature: Stealth Levels
What happens when you have no weapons or items to use against enemies? As a spy, you must rely on one fundamental skill: Stealth. Avoid security guards, cameras, and more as you sneak and dash through challenging levels. One wrong move means you’re done for!

New Feature: Enemy Upgrades
Enemies have received upgrades from the latest Negabot Tech. What will you do to overcome these powered-up opponents? Don’t let your guard down as you traverse these action-packed levels!

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