Award-Winning Frantic Top-Down Shooter “At Sundown” Launches First on Discord, Consoles TBA

Independent video game publisher Versus Evil, in partnership with independent developer Mild Beast Games, today announced that the BAFTA winning top down shoot ’em up, At Sundown, is available today on PC and Mac through Discord’s new game store in a 90 day exclusivity deal on PC.

Discord, which now has over 150 million registered users, today launched the global beta of their new curated store and Nitro subscription service. The “First on Discord” program in the store will offer access to select high-quality indie games launching exclusively for PC on Discord for a limited time. Discord has also released their new universal library, which allows players to be able to find and launch any game they have previously played (regardless of where it was purchased) from one universal launcher within the Discord app.

At Sundown is a top down stealth-based arena shooter in which up to 4 players compete in online and local deathmatch games.  Players are under the cover of complete darkness and can only see themselves and be seen by their opponents when they shoot, dash or walk into or trigger a light source.

At Sundown will feature a wide variety of weapons for players to choose from including pistols, sniper rifles, shotguns and bladed weapons as well as multiple maps, each with different light mechanics. As well as frenzied 4 player deathmatches, players can also team up cooperatively to take down AI opponents or face off in the ultimate showdown in a head to head.

At Sundown, which has been a firm multiplayer favorite at the likes of EGX, PAX and Gamescom with its 4 player party setup will be launching on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One with a launch date to be announced shortly.

At Sundown Discord Store Page:

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