Bewitching Interactive Graphic Novels “Seers Isle” and “Along The Edge” Coming to Nintendo Switch on October 15

Nova-Box, known for creating acclaimed interactive graphic novel titles, are launching both Along The Edge and Seers Isle on Nintendo Switch on October 15th.

In Along the Edge, you take control of Daphné, a person who’s become wholly unsatisfied with both her personal and professional way of life. After inheriting her old family home set in the beautiful european countryside, the choices you make in this magical realism story will affect not only the outcome of your gameplay; but also Daphné herself in appearance and personality, truly allowing you to see the effect of your decisions.

Seers Isle puts you in the shoes of a group of shamans, being led to the shores of a distant island to be initiated into the world of magic. After beginning their journey to the peak of a mountain through a deep wilderness, a horned woman appears with unknown motives. As you play through the narrative driven experience, your choices will ultimately decide who will make it to the end of the journey.

Both titles feature multiple endings, with choices made in-game affecting the overall outcome which provides plenty of replayability. Combined, both titles feature hundreds of incredibly detailed hand-drawn illustrations.

“We always intended for our games to be experienced like storybooks” said Geoffroy Vincens, writer at Nova-box. “Nintendo Switch, by enabling you to play on the go or in the comfort of your reading nook might be the perfect device to immerse yourself in our stories. After receiving such positive feedback on Across the Grooves, we couldn’t wait to make our other titles available on the Nintendo format.”

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