BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle – 13 Minutes of Off-Screen Gameplay

Famitsu recently had the chance to play BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. Here is a basic translation of Famitsu’s impressions with their hand-on time at the event in Japan.

The first thing that I felt when I played is that the visual surface such as characters and stage background is almost as the image of the original. It is a feeling that the characters who came out from the original title were just put in one game. Ruby · rose, the first character of “RWBY” to appear in fighting game, develops a battle action that distinguishes sickle and gun properly, with the charm and atmosphere of the animated version intact. The standing appearance and behavior is cute, the attack was designed coolly, it was the appearance of being able to not disappoint.

The player chooses 2 from playable characters and fights with the opponent and 2 vs 2 team. On the operation side, basic attack consists mainly of weak, strong, and crash. In weak and strongly there were many attacks that played roles in checking and anticlocking, and the crash was an attack that shook the guard such as the middle stage and the lower stage. With regard to weak and strong, continuous attacks using various techniques are activated only by hitting buttons repeatedly. Combo seems to use these derivative attacks a lot.

There are dash and back step in the movement method, 2 step jump and air dash in the air, movement with high degree of freedom is possible. As a characteristic of the movement, by simply placing the direction key in front on the ground, it becomes a dash, so it was easy to set off high-speed offensives. The aerial dash requires two consecutive inputs of the direction key, but there is a system that dashes in the air by pressing the buttons instead. The operation design was felt everywhere, easy to play with game pads.

Especially impressive game system and points are as follows.

Behavior where the character in the change battle and the partner character change. Overall motions and skis are few, swiftly swapping on the spot.

Special mortal skill unique to skill characters. The command is pretty simple in any character.The skill is activated with the so-called wave fist + button, and the great giant “distortion skill” using the gauge can be activated by simultaneous pushing of wave fist + button.

Distortion skill Easy command + Since you can use it by pressing at the same time, you can think of a tactic of activating after seeing the opponent’s ski and robbing the damage. When invoking additional input calling partner, continuous attack of distortion skill → distortion skill is invoked. Of course not only giving great damage, but also a lot of power is put in the production and the refreshing feeling of the visual is preeminent.

Crash attack Attack in the middle when using in the standing state on the ground, lower attack when using it during squatting. When the middle row hits, it locks the opponent and automatically derives to continuous attack, it is a flashy system. There is a big difference in reach and occurrence for each character in both the middle and lower stages. In addition, aerial edition seems to be a lot of characters attacking and it seems easy to take down when used for tightening in the air combo.

Invincible attack convenient for reversing the action . It seems to be powerful if you can activate after seeing opponent’s attack, such as a crash attack or a technique with a large preliminary motion, as well as an interrupt at the time of defense.

A character who is in partner skill keeping dive into the stage and activating an attack. By combining with direction keys you can use different types of assisted attack differently. Various tactics are conceivable, such as making a chance to attack by using it as a follow-up of rush attack of the main character, trying approaching the launch tool of assist with the launch stone.However, it seems that it can not be used for follow-up during reversal action of invincible technique.

Resonance Blaze A system in which characters are reinforced for a certain period of time. You can only activate once when the partner is killed and alone. During the effective time, in addition to the deathblown technique, a kazuri effect was also added to the normal attack, and even a great skill such as a distortion skill could be deprived of great physical strength just by guarding it. It seems to be effective as a reversing factor that can be relied upon after being alone.

Besides this, the original battle system is incorporated abundantly, and although operation is easy, it seems that there is a possibility that the range of tactics is quite variable. Let’s post a video so I shoot the scenes of the battle scene at the site.”


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