REVIEW: The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince (Switch)

The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince is another showcase from Nippon Ichi Software‘s talented artists which cozily tells an endearing story to go along with its companionship puzzle-platformin...

8 Pretty Good

REVIEW: City of Brass (Switch)

There’s a lot worth exploring in the… City of Brass, developed by Bioshock veterans at Uppercut Games. The pedigree certainly carries over into this first-person roguelike. While it shares...

8 Pretty Good

REVIEW: Cursed Castilla EX (Switch)

Abylight continues to bring its profile of quality fun to the Nintendo Switch and developer Locomalito and Gryzor87 have brought yet another one of its gems to the platform as well. Cursed Castilla EX...

8.5 Pretty Good

REVIEW: At Sundown: Shots In The Dark (Switch)

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect local multiplayer machine as its convenience of play styles allows for linking up whether you’re on the couch or on the kitchen counter. The assortment of fran...

7.3 Solid

REVIEW: Gensokyo Defenders (Switch)

The Touhou Project has pumped out many unofficial entries from its universe creating numerous games which has earned a record of being “the most prolific fan-made shooter series”, accordin...

7.9 Solid

REVIEW: Storm Boy (Switch)

Storm Boy: The Game is an interactive retelling of the 1964’s children’s book, Storm Boy, by Colin Thiele. Storm Boy delves into specific themes which eases children into topics such as fr...

7.8 Solid

REVIEW: SNK 40th Anniversary Collection (Switch)

Return of a Retro. Classic gaming has never gone away. Remakes and 1-to-1 ripped ports of old gems and duds have made their way to every generation of gaming in some form, be it squeezed out in a digi...

8.8 Pretty Good

REVIEW: Moonlighter (Switch)

The indie scene is populated with a huge variety of games filling in the void of particular genres and styles that gamers naturally gravitate towards. Often a stellar idea is put into a playable art f...

8.8 Pretty Good

REVIEW: Rise & Shine (Switch)

Growing up retro, there’s almost nothing that I love more when a project pays total homage to the goldschool relics and just gaming in general. Rise & Shine is a side-scrolling shooter that ...

8 Pretty Good
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