[REVIEW] Sparklite (Switch)

Several entries within the same series can be dramatically different from each other and often divisive. That notion can be taken further from games which take heavy inspiration from well-known games ...

7.6 Solid

[REVIEW] New Super Lucky’s Tale (Switch)

It’s common to feel that some of the best 3D platformers are synonymous with Nintendo platforms. New Super Lucky’s Tale fits the bill with such polish, charm and variety that it fits right...

8.4 Pretty Good

[REVIEW] Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (Switch)

When KOEI TECMO and GUST Studios first teased their plans for the next entry in Atelier series last year, it was seen as an exciting prospect to long-time fans. Promising to try to expand upon the gam...

8.9 Pretty Good

[REVIEW] Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch (Switch)

Every so often there is a collaboration of studios using their talent to allow their creative ideas come to fruition and when industry veterans come together for that project it can be something mirac...

9.3 Must Play

[REVIEW] The Sinking City (Switch)

The otherworldly nature of Cthulhu mythos is undoubtedly strange to many and brought to life in vivid detail by Lovecraft’s literature, but it’s certainly no stranger to being incorporated...

7 Solid

[REVIEW] Gun Gun Pixies (Switch)

Viewer Discretion: Mature content below. Ask and ye shall receive. Since Nintendo has leaned far opposite of strict for the types of content with the new age of Nintendo Switch, that lack of restricti...

6.5 Decent

[REVIEW] Creature in the Well (Switch)

Back in March of this year when Creature in the Well was announced it certainly enticed eyes to watch out for it. Developed by Adam Volker & Bohdon Sayre from Flight School Studio, the game is tou...

8.1 Pretty Good

[REVIEW] Vambrace: Cold Soul (Switch)

Having been there in the early builds of Vambrace: Cold Soul, it’s been interesting to see the multiple tweaks, additions and quality of life improvements added to each update just in time for l...

8.5 Pretty Good

[REVIEW] Whipseey and the Lost Atlas (Switch)

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas is a platformer created by Daniel Ramirez, published by Blowfish Studios. The game draws heavy inspiration from classic games such as the Kirby series and more specifically...

6 Decent

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