[REVIEW] Lumo (Switch)

Creating a 2D experience to mimic 3D environments on hardware that were technically only meant for one viewing angle, whether as top-down or horizontal/vertical-scrolling, was something many developer...

7.9 Solid

[REVIEW] Mantis Burn Racing (Switch)

Racing games having a top-down perspective have had its glory days about 3 decades ago offering simple pick-up & play mechanics that allowed anyone to play and enjoy racing against their friends o...

8 Pretty Good

[REVIEW] Ittle Dew 2+ (Switch)

There will always be a particular game which offers a unique experience that players enjoy leaving them wanting more after they’ve had their time with it. What the game is matters not, as spendi...

8.7 Pretty Good

[REVIEW] Superbeat XONiC (Switch)

During a gaming generation long passed, a resurgence of rhythm-based video games gained new popularity introducing peripherals designed as musical instruments which would garner an entirely new fanbas...

8.9 Pretty Good

[REVIEW] Super Mario Odyssey (Switch)

For over 30 years, Mario has been the entry to video games for many people. Mario games retain an accessibility that is realized from the moment hands are placed on the controller and players begin to...

10 Masterpiece

[REVIEW] Xenoraid (Switch)

Developer/publisher 10tons Ltd. is back at it again on Nintendo Switch with their latest vertically-scrolling spacecraft shoot-’em-up meant to take place in a period of the earliest galactic war...

8.3 Pretty Good

[REVIEW] Time Recoil (Switch)

Being both the developer and publisher of their games, 10tons Ltd. has been showing the Nintendo Switch quite the support. The people at 10tons love to come up with new ideas for the twin-stick shoote...

7.3 Solid

[REVIEW] Doom (Switch)

The company id Software is often credited for pioneering the first-person-shooter genre with their breakthrough 1992 title Wolfenstein 3D, which takes advantage of using a spatial 3D environment with ...

9 Must Play

[REVIEW] Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch)

What is white, fluffy, takes on different shapes & sizes, and creates a storm?

9.7 Must Play

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