Composer of Upcoming Game “Fe” Discusses Technical Design of Integrating the Perfect Sounds

Zoink Games composer Joel Bille goes into depth of how he captured sounds from nature to create an immersive experience that should feel natural to the player when they finally get the chance to play their latest game published by EA titled “Fe” on February 16th. After all, sound is half the experience for Fe where the main character is able to sing in tune with other fauna and the environment. The art style speaks for itself, being fantastical, so Joel wanted to make sure the ambiance was authentic to true nature, but still find a way to have it blend in with Fe’s artistic approach.

Most of the wind sounds were recorded during the winter on Skaftö, a small Swedish island in Bohuslän north of Gothenburg. It had to be in the winter – in the summer the birds would have made it impossible to get clean wind recordings. Some of the other insects were recorded on a hillside in Transylvania in Romania a few years back. Not all sounds are that romantic though, like the sounds of creaking trees that comes from a loose floorboard in my kitchen.

There’s a pretty good read here where he goes more in-depth on overcoming certain situations as well as more sound samples.

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