Crashlands Touches Down on Nintendo Switch Today

Crashlands, the crafting-adventure with RPG elements and more than 500,000 players from Butterscotch Shenanigans, touches down on Nintendo Switch today alongside a new couch co-op mode. This new mode also launches on Steam today via a free update.

If Crashlands has a lesson to offer, let it be to never come between an intergalactic trucker and her deliveries. When Flux and her trusty robot assistant Juicebox encounter a villainous alien named Hewgodooko that steals their ship components, they hurtle towards the wild planet known as Woanope. Now she’s going to show ol’ Hewgo that he messed with the wrong trucker as she starts from scratch, lives off the land, finds all of her missing packages, builds ridiculous weapons…and maybe saves the galaxy if you want to be all dramatic about it.

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