Cyberpunk Samurai Game “Midnight Wave” Combines Tactical RPG and Platforming – First Trailer

Game developer Walthall Studios is pleased to announce Midnight Wave, a stylish retro cyberpunk samurai title combining elements from tactical role-playing games and platformers to create a thoughtful-yet-fast-paced experience unlike any other. The team has lined up an all-star cast of voice acting talent with credits including The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the WildFinal FantasyKingdom HeartsStreet FighterNieRDragon Ball, PersonaMy Hero Academia, and more. Midnight Wave is active on Kickstarter starting today:

Midnight Wave is a unique samurai cyberpunk tactical action RPG with immense customization, narrative choice, and innovative gameplay mechanic combinations, set in a world full of katanas, mega corporations, and elemental powers. The gameplay begins with tactical combat, but switches to a platformer fighter when a character attacks another, providing a refreshing spin on the fan-favorite genre.

Midnight Wave was born from what-ifs,” comments lead developer Andrew Walthall. “What if we mashed up gameplay from classics like Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros.? What if we added in narrative choices from games like Mass Effect? We took those what-ifs and ran with them, and now we’re creating an RPG like no other! Midnight Wave is easily the most ambitious project any of us have worked on.”

Midnight Wave is on Kickstarter looking to raise $47,337 USD to fund development and to hire on the impressive roster of talent to give voice to the game’s memorable cast of characters. A copy of the game is available starting at the $15 support level, while beta access, exclusive items, the soundtrack, and helping the team design various elements of the game are available at higher support tiers.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Combat: Plan your attacks on the tactical map, then battle them out in a platform fighter duel! No more RNG percentages – you control the action!
  • Old School Aesthetic: We’ve got pixel art vibes that’ll make you drown in nostalgia!
  • Narrative Choice: The story is yours – say what you want, do what you want, and make difficult choices that shape the world!
  • A World Alive: Everything is fleshed out! Learn more about diverse characters while exploring different facets of Neo-Nihon. Make or break relationships through dialogue choices, and witness the characters react to your actions based on their own motivations.
  • Customization: Customize all of your characters! Not just their equipment, but their appearance, class, and skills too! Unlike other games, in Midnight Wave tactical sprites, portraits, and platform fighter sprites all change appearance accordingly!
  • Elemental Combat: Wreak havoc on the battlefield with the elements! Freeze your enemies, burn them alive, or blow them away! Manipulate the environment to your advantage!

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