Developer Update on Crackling Audio Issue For Stardew Valley on Switch. Possible Fix Soon.

Since the release of Stardew Valley for Nintendo Switch, players have noticed crackling audio and the developer was quick to address that there will be an incoming fix for the issue. The news comes from the developer himself explaining a workaround and that there will be a patch coming shortly. Soon there will be happier harvesting!

We’ve got a strong lead on the cause and a fix. It turns out unreal engine has the same problem on switch and lowering the sample rate slightly, fixes it. This explains why there are other games on the switch currently with the same issue.

This doesn’t appear to be a bug with either unreal or Stardew, and honestly we don’t really have a good idea of why it would do this on the switch. It seems to affect some units near constantly and others barely ever, if at all. (We had to leave our devkits running nonstop an entire day to reproduce.)

The work around that involves lowering the sample rate shouldn’t be discernable and in unreal’s case, entirely fixes the issue. So we’re hoping the same will work here. We’re going to be testing a build with the work around at the start of next week, and if the work around is successful it’ll be in a patch coming shortly.

I’ll keep you up to date, and again sorry for the inconvenience.


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