Disgaea 4 Complete+ “Valvatorez for Overlord” Trailer Discusses Prinny Politics

NIS America has issued a new trailer for Disgaea 4 Complete+ (coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 on October 29) showing its “cam pain” campaign with the tyrant protagonist Valvatorez advertising exactly what he’s fighting for.

Valvatorez, a former tyrant reformed for the better as a Prinny instructor. Now, he has his eyes set on a greater calling: to weed out injustice and overthrow the Corrupternment! His methods may not be the cleanest, but dirtying one’s hands to ensure promises are kept serves a noble purpose, don’t you think?

Going physical? Prepare yourself now with these official free alternate covers here from NISA: Disgaea 4 Complete+ Alt Covers

The Disgaea 4 Complete+ HL-Raising Edition is still available for pre-order as here.

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