Fight’N Rage Pummels Onto Nintendo Switch Today, Xbox One Tomorrow

Indie games publisher BlitWorks and independent one-man studio Seba Games Dev release the critically acclaimed old-school side-scroller beat’em up Fight’N Rage today on Nintendo Switch and tomorrow on Xbox One for $19.90/€19.90.

Fight’N Rage is a 2D arcade brawler inspired by the classic fighting gems of the 90’s. It mimics the aesthetics and simplified three-button gameplay of legendary games such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Fight’N Rage features three players local co-op mode with optional friendly fire. It contains alternative paths, cutscenes and endings that can change based on the selected characters and your own decisions. It also includes unlockable content such as costumes, extra difficulty settings, more gameplay speeds, new game modes, and more than 20 extra characters.

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