(UPDATED) Final Fantasy IX For PS4 Has Received A Rating In Europe

UPDATE 2: Final Fantasy IX for PS4 has now been released worldwide.

UPDATE: During their PlayStation press conference at Tokyo Game Show, Sony has announced that Final Fantasy IX will release today for PS4. It was first available in Japan, followed by Europe shortly after. North America is expected to see a release very soon.

When PS4 received an enhanced port of Final Fantasy VII in December of 2015, many have been hoping for Square Enix to do the same for the games in the series that soon followed after it. A port of Final Fantasy IX with similar enhancements released in 2016 for mobile & Windows which led fans to believe that the company would eventually also release it on PS4.

As of today, PEGI (Pan European Game Information) has rated Final Fantasy IX for PS4, which indicates that it is indeed the likely outcome fans were hoping for. The 2016 port, which features options to increase the game’s speed, boost character stats & allow for no random battles seems to be the version most likely getting released.


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