Gameplay Trailer for ‘Tears of Avia’ Released

A vast number of skill combinations, rewarding tactical decision-making and beautiful setting connect Tears of Avia‘s dynamic story segments. To give you a better idea of what the turn-based strategy RPG looks like in action, PQube and developer CooCooSqueaky are excited to share a new Gameplay Trailer today.

  • Assemble Your Party – No matter if you prefer the classic composition of warrior, ranger, mage and healer or like to experiment: Tears of Avia let’s you decide on your own party! Explore the beautiful world of Estera your way; deciding on the amount of offensive, defensive and support power your group has.
  • Skills and Combos – Mix and match over 100 skills, distributed among the unique character trees and all weapons in the game. Discover how skills combine and react to one another. Well-timed and powerful chains can turn the tables of any fight!

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