GameXplain Offers An In-Depth 90 Minute Analysis Video of Super Mario Maker 2’s Reveal Trailer

GameXplain‘s own André Segers takes a deep dive into the announcement trailer for Super Mario Maker 2 which was originally revealed in the most recent Nintendo Direct. This is the 2nd longest analysis video put out by GameXplain and gives us quite a comprehensive look into the sequel to the Wii U game as numerous points mentioned seem to line up as being highly probable for what we can expect.

In the video, we see what has changed as well as all of the new features and gameplay mechanics added. Elements which are highlighted include user interface, enemies, platforms, objects, styles, and more. The new Super Mario 3D World style added to Super Mario Maker 2 receives a fine look at how it behaves as well as what it means for the rest of the styles. With plenty of going on in almost every shot of the game we’ve seen so far, new discoveries are plentiful. We have the video below.

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