‘I Am The Fart’ Contest Launches For South Park: Fractured But Whole

So, this is a thing. Ubisoft has announced ‘I Am The Fart’, a contest where a winner is chosen by who has the best sounding fart. The best pass of gas then gets integrated in-game as one of the New Kid’s deadly & smelly weapons. Running from today, October 2nd to October 16th worldwide, people who don’t care to make an ass of themselves must post a video of their (hopefully not crappy) work on the contest’s website www.iamthefart.com. Once the submission period closes, members from the San Francisco Studio, Mr Methane as well as a representative from South Park Digital Studios, will decide on the winner, who will then travel to Ubisoft San Francisco to record their sound for South Park: Fractured But Whole.

The results of the contest will be announced on October 23rd on the website as well as Facebook and Twitter. Take your vitamins and eat your beans.

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