Mary Skelter 2 eShop Page Now Live, Update on Systems and Features

Idea Factory International is happy to announce that the Nintendo eShop page for the first-person dungeon RPG, ​Mary Skelter™ 2, is now live. The Iffy-cial Website has also been updated with new character profiles for Otsuu, Little Mermaid and Nightmare Jack.

Mary Skelter 2 also contains the first installment of the series, Mary Skelter: Nightmares, which includes revamped systems and balances to the original release.

Battle Basics – The player’s battle party consists of Otsuu, Jack, and 5 other members. In this turn-based dungeon RPG, players will use attacks that strike at enemy weaknesses, and doing Overkill finishes will draw enemy blood that can splatter on to the area and characters.The blood splattered on the characters can be “licked” off of them to activate special Blood Skills, but one can choose to let the blood splatter accumulate to activate the furious power of Massacre mode and Blood Skelter mode.

Massacre Mode –  When the character’s turn comes and the blood icon is filled, the character will enter Massacre mode. In Massacre mode, the character’s form and speech changes, as well as a boosts in stats. Players also gain access to powerful Massacre skills.

Blood Skelter Mode – If a Blood Maiden’s Corruption gauge is filled and she continues to be exposed to blood, she will enter a deeper state of madness called Blood Skelter mode. The berserk state during Blood Skelter mode will cause the Blood Maidens to attack enemies and allies. Avoid the Blood Skelter Mode or use it to your advantage during battle. Players can utilize Nightmare Jack’s special Purge command to bring the Blood Maiden out of their Blood Skelter state.

Kagome-Kagome Effect – Using a weapon that has a “Bloodshot” effect can bring about the Kagome-Kagome effect where enemies take massive bleed damage, and are forced to turn their back towards you. Enemies that have been affected are open to attacks. Players can strategize by focusing attacks on the hapless enemy, or use this opportunity to take down the other enemies.

Revisit Mary Skelter: Nightmares  The game is designed so that players can play Mary Skelter: Nightmares after clearing Mary Skelter 2. However, players can unlock Mary Skelter: Nightmares as a free AoC if players would like to play it before completing Mary Skelter 2. Once Mary Skelter: Nightmares is unlocked, players can toggle between either of the games at the title screen.

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