Mega Man 11 – Game Details Noticed by GameInformer

GameInformer recently had hands-on time with Mega Man 11 and give a breakdown of what they noticed during their playtime. Below are the highlights.

  • Classic direction of being able to choose any of the eight robot master’s stages from the start.
  • Controls feel precise and tight like classic Mega Man.
  • Music is catchy. Will please old-school fans. Composer yet to be announced.
  • Challenge for players of all skill levels.
  • Challenging on Normal difficulty. More challenging on Superhero Difficulty.
  • Newcomer and Casual difficulty will also be available.
  • Minor perspective shift in the camera giving depth and higher view. Also zoomed out a bit to see more of the action.
  • Mega Man’s helmet now changes in design in addition to different color palettes when changing weapons.
  • Slide is back via pressing Down + Jump at the same time, but Capcom is considering mapping Slide to its own button.
  • Right Analog Stick now displays a wheel for quicker and more streamlined access to weapons.
  • New mechanic they can’t talk about. The final “shot” in the trailer might hint at this.

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