New Valkyria Chronicles 4 Details – Characters, Operation Room, Order and More

The official website for Valkyria Chronicles 4 has been updated with new information. Light is shed on 4 new characters and special actions to use during battle such as “Potential” and “Order”. The English translation has been provided courtesy of Gematsu, so please check them out for further details and images.

■ Characters

◆ Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1

Angelica Farnaby (voiced by Ayane Sakura)

Valkyria Chronicles 4

An energetic and brave civilian girl who finds her way into Squad E. When they found her, she could not remember anything except her name. Much about her is unknown, including the events that led to her involvement with Squad E. Rather than have a child-like selfishness, she is a kind-hearted character who cares about those around her. She is offered protection under the care of the military physician, but proposes to help by taking care of meals, laundry, cleaning, and so on. Her cheerful personality has also made her popular among the helper soldiers, who nicknamed her “Ange.”

Minerva Victor (voiced by Saori Hayami)

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad F leader and first lieutenant. She was in the same class as Claude at Edinburgh Military Academy, and graduated second in their class. She worked and studied very hard to graduate at the top of her class, but was not able to surpass Claude. Since then, she sees Claude as a strong rival who she believes was chosen by mistake, insisting that her own abilities are superior. Due to her father’s influence, she has a strong sense of elitism, and values the chivalrous spirit of a fair battle. On the other hand, she can be stubborn and persistent about trivial thin, but there is no doubt she is a skilled military officer. Minerva was actually promoted earlier than Claude, and is his senior first lieutenant. She is sociable and kind to others—except Claude.

Karen Stewart (voiced by Yuka Saitou)

Valkyria Chronicles 4

Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E medical officer and corporal. Quiet and kind, she’s popular among the troops for her soothing smile. Since she grew up in an all-male household, she is particularly skilled in the treatment of men, and patches up the injuries that come her way with a smiling face. She hopes to go to medical school, but is volunteering to serve in the military in order to help her family.


Valkyria Chronicles 4

Edinburgh Army 101st Division No. 1 Battle Brigade No. 32 Armored Ranger Battalion Squad E medical dog and mascot of the unit. He was originally a stray found by the squad. He became attached to Claude and company, and joined Squad E. He is a brave dog who will fearlessly run to the battlefield even during gunfires and bombings to aid injured soldiers. He cannot ignore the weak and will run to their aid against better judgment. He is prideful and gets angry when people pat his head, but behaves courteously to soldiers who give him food (especially women). He sees Claude and company as rookies, and feels obligated to help them when he senses danger. However, such thoughts do not reach Claude and company, who see Ragnarok as a friendly, foolish dog.

■ Systems

◆ Training Grounds

You can train your classes (unit types) at the Training Grounds. There are six basic classes, but through training, you can rank up to higher-level “Jaeger” classes, which will significantly expand the breadth of strategy, such as the increasing types of weapons available for that class to use.

At the Training Grounds, which are located at the camp on the front lines, you will receive the guidance of senior officer and first lieutenant Minerva Victor. She will drill you on the necessary information.

By allotting the necessary experience points to each class, they will level up. To what extent you train a certain class is up to you. When a class levels up, it will learn new “Orders” and a “Battle Potential” may also awaken.

Advanced Classes: “Jaeger”

When a class reaches level 11, it will rank up to a higher-level “Jaeger” class. When you become a Jaeger class, you will be able to employ a wider range of tactics, including the ability to use more new weapons.

  • Scout Jaeger (Scout) – Ability increases all around, and the “Rifle Grenade” becomes available for use. Compared to a standard hand grenade, the Rifle Grenade can fire grenades from much further away.
  • Assault Jaeger (Assault) – Ability increases all around, and the “Flame Thrower” becomes available for use. The Flamethrower can fire through the defense effect of sandbags, and waved from side to side to reduce enemies to ashes, but has short range.
  • Sniper Jaeger (Sniper) – Ability increases all around, and the “Auto Sniper Rifle” and “Lancer Sniper Rifle” become available for use. The Auto Sniper Rifle attacks with a rapid-fire three-shot burst. The Lancer Sniper Rifle has high VS. Armor attack power. Also, by becoming a Sniper Jaeger in Valkyria Chronicles 4, you will be able to counterattack the enemy.
  • Lancer Jaeger (Lancer) – Ability increases all around, and the “Mortar Lance” becomes available for use. The Mortar Lance is a weapon that can fire a mortar with a ranged attack effect. It is a weapon with high VS. Person attack power that creates a parabola and explodes upon impact.
  • Engineer Jaeger (Engineer) – Ability increases all around, as does the amount recovered from the “Tank Reparation Kit.”
  • Grenadier Jaeger (Grenadier) – Ability increases all around.

◆ Operation Room

In the “Operation Room,” you can switch your party members in or out, and change their equipment. Organize a party suited for the current situation and lead your squad to victory.

The Unit Ability Screen

Valkyria Chronicles 4

  • 01. Name: The character’s name
  • 02. Class: The unit’s class
  • 03. LV: The class’ level
  • 04. HP: The unit’s health power
  • 05. AP: The unit’s action power
  • 06. Firing / Evasion: The character’s firing and evasion ability
  • 07. Special Ability: The Potential possessed by the character. There are two types: Personal Potential (P) and Battle Potential (B)
  • 08. Affinity: Characters with good affinity. The screenshot shows Raz has good affinity with Claude, Kai, and Zaiga. You have a higher accuracy rate when performing co-op attacks with good affinity characters

Valkyria Chronicles 4

  • 09. Equipped Weapons: The names of your weapons
  • 10. Hit: Hit accuracy (from best to worst: S > A > B > C > D)
  • 11. Range: The range a weapon’s attack reaches (effective range)
  • 12. VS. Person: Attack power against infantry soldier units
  • 13. VS. Armor: Attack power against tank units and destroyable objects
  • 14. Shots: The number of shots that can be fired in a single attack
  • 15. Bullets: The number of times you can attack. If this is used up, you will not be able to attack until it is replenished. “∞” means infinite
  • 16. Area: Whether the weapon affects multiple units. “Circle” means it does, “X” means it does not
  • 17. Special: In cases where special effects exist, such as “Lowers Defense Power,” an icon will be displayed
  • 18. Equipped Armor: The names of your armor
  • 19. Defense: The defense power of your armor

For each character, the Potential that can be acquired differs. Also, there is difference in ability, as well as both strong points and weak points depending on the class, so be sure to strengthen each character.

◆ Orders and Potentials

“Orders” are special actions that can be used by the protagonist and enemy bosses, which can manifest various effects unto the user’s party. “Potential” reveals a character’s personality and their skill level as a soldier. In an “Abnormal State,” the state of the units in your control will change, and by meeting certain conditions during Action Mode, there is a fixed chance Potential will be activated.


Orders are special actions that the protagonist and enemy bosses can use during Command Mode by spending CP. Effects include changing the stats of your units, sending in reinforcements, withdrawing from battle, and more. In addition to learning Orders when raising class levels, Orders can be learned by talking to comrades at the “Salon.”

Valkyria Chronicles 4

The Two Types of Potentials

There are two types of Potentials: “Personal Potentials,” which originates from the character’s personality and traits, and “Battle Potentials,” which originates from the class’ skill level. There are both good and bad sides to Personal Potentials, but Battle Potentials normally increase ability.

Neither of the two Potentials are all unlocked from the start, but rather learned through awakenings as you progress. Also, there are situations where Personal Potentials will change due to clearing certain story missions and other circumstances.

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