NIS America Celebrates Red Moon Day by Holding Charity Fundraiser for Corona Virus with Custom-Made Shirt

NIS America, Inc. is helping the American Red Cross continue to deliver its lifesaving mission nationwide due to this public health emergency. The Red Cross is working hard to ensure they can:

  • Maintain a sufficient supply of blood to help patients in need and prevent any shortages.
  • Provide critical relief services to people affected by disasters big and small.

For a limited time when visiting NIS America’s online store, fans can purchase a “Red Moon Day Charity Fundraiser 2020 T-Shirt”, a red shirt with depictions of various Prinny, the company’s mascot. Taken from the official NIS America blog, the post states:

“In the Disgaea universe, Red Moon Day is a special day where Prinnies gather to be reincarnated. In honor of this event, every summer we extend an invitation to our fans to gather at our “Red Moon Day” event at our local convention in Los Angeles, California. This event gives fans and NISA staff alike a chance to gather and celebrate our love of the Disgaea series together, as well as meet our mascot, Prinny. It is truly one of our most anticipated days of the entire year!

We are disappointed that we can’t hold our normal gathering this year due to current events, but we still want to uphold the spirit of community inspired by Red Moon Day while celebrating the friendships we have made over the last few years. Thus, we are partnering with The American Red Cross to host the Red Moon Day Charity Fundraiser 2020 as a way to give back to the community and remind others that even if we may feel far apart from everything and everyone, we are not alone. We are together in spirit!

From May 18 to July 31, you can visit our Online Store to purchase our exclusive Red Moon Day Charity Fundraiser 2020 T-Shirt. The full cost of this shirt ($19.99) will be donated to the American Red Cross to help support their efforts in aiding those who are suffering from emergencies.”

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