Nostalgic YouTube Creator SwankyBox Unfolds A Terrifying Comic Tale From Mario’s Past

SwankyBox goes over a rare 2-part comic published in Germany’s official Nintendo magazine ‘Club Nintendo‘ from 20 years ago where the contents involve some bizarre and grim storytelling, just in time for Halloween, too. Don’t let me spoil the spooky goodness. Let SwankyBox tell you all about it himself.

SwankyBox creates quality content that ranges from analysis, theories and memories of games. He touches on many games from the past which hits the nostalgia bone due to his presentation. If you enjoyed the video, you can follow his channel for more updates on those topics as well as his channel focused on nostalgia involving a series called “Pixel Portals” where it covers subjects such as moments, music or levels from games, what they meant to him personally and what they could mean beyond what was known in the final versions of the games. You can find all of that on his main channel:

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