Numantia is Now Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC

Today RecoTechnology S.L. reveals why it chose the Siege of Numantia as the setting for its historical turn-based strategy game, Numantia, now available to download on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Numantia depicts the real-life conflict that took place in the Iberian Peninsula between the Republic of Rome and the rebellious Celtiberians of Numantia during 154 BC. The game’s producer, Román Echevarrena, explains in more detail:

We like strategy games and we like history. Two years ago, we were planning to develop a strategy video game based on the Roman Empire when we discovered that 2017 is the 2,150th anniversary of the siege of Numantia – a city that withstood more than 20 years of fighting against the Roman Republican army. Nobody had previously been able to defeat and stop the Roman Army in its European expansion during that time so we thought this would make a great story and idea for a video game.

Combining historical accuracy, a passion for video games and an educational take on the history of Numantia was an arduous process. Nevertheless, our objective was always to share this piece of Spanish history with the widest audience possible: bringing in the hardcore gamers, but also leaving a door open for those who might not have as much experience with historical games.

To remain true to the real events whilst simultaneously offering multiple storylines within that same period, we also provided all the historical context needed in the Extras section of the game. If any player is interested in knowing a bit more about a character, a unit or a settlement, they can just navigate to this section from the main menu.

Turning the events of Numantia into a video game was a complicated task, and whilst we have respected all the social, military, cultural and religious context of the era, we needed to take some artistic license; adding a more dramatic character to certain events and situations, changing certain locations at times, and using fictional characters in order to tell our story. However, the passion for true history is still present in our game.

About Numantia
Experience the historical events from both sides with Numantia‘s two unique campaigns – take charge of the Numantian war chiefs and manage the resources of the famous city, or command Rome’s formidable army through camps scattered across Hispania.

Become hero characters like Carus of Segeda and Roman General Scipio, take charge of over 30 units, face your enemies in historically accurate locations like Termes or Palantia, and witness the legendary siege of Numantia.

Numantia is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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