Publisher indienova Brings 3D Platformer ‘Never Breakup’ to Nintendo Switch on July 16

Never Breakup is a relaxing family game for two players. Play with your friends, lover, or even parents—it is tons of fun for both young and old alike. Players are transformed into ball-shaped animals and then bound together with an elastic rope.

“Never Breakup” is developed by indie game studio ISVR (Their debut Animal Force was selected as one of the Sony’s China hero projects. ) from Beijing in in past two years. An early prototype of “Never Breakup” was published in 2018 and have some attraction to some players and streamers, then it was remade to a full local multiplayer party game.

Key Features:

  • Plays like a classic platformer and comes with meticulously crafted levels designed for two players!
  • Naturally, solo becomes ever the more challenging as you will have to control two characters at once.
  • Tons of beautiful maps: Visit mountain ranges, oceans, rainforests, deserts and cities!
  • Collect and unlock tons of ornaments and new shapes for your creatures.
  • Mini-games that can be played locally.
  • Our realistic physics engine brings life to the elastic band which can be used to solve puzzles, eliminate enemies or even trip up your teammates if you’re not careful!

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