Rage In Peace Out Now for STEAM and Nintendo Switch

Publisher Toge Productions and developer Rolling Glory Jam today announced that their story-driven comic platformer, Rage in Peace, is now available on PC and Nintendo Switch for $12.99/10.79€/10.29£.

Rage in Peace follows the exploits of Timmy Malinu, an emotionally numb 27 year old actuary whose greatest desire is to die in the most peaceful way possible: asleep in his pajamas, in the comfort of his own home. When the Grim Reaper shows up to inform Timmy that he will die that day of decapitation, our hero’s only concern is that he goes out quick and painlessly. Unfortunately, the universe isn’t so kind to Timmy and insists on spoiling his perfect death with a series of comically fatal hazards. Help Timmy get home safely, so he can finally live the death of his dreams!

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