Rivals of Aether is Planned for Nintendo Switch

Dan Fornace, the creator of the platform fighter, provided a 2017 developer recap going over all of what’s been happening with Rivals of Aether. He had described how the game was received, the updates and content which were added, and both the positive & negative criticisms addressed. More good news seems to be coming in form of a Definitive Edition. Furthermore, the plan is to move Rivals of Aether to more platforms, including the Nintendo Switch, provided there are developers to help port the game. Here’s what he had to say:

Finally in 2018, we will be looking to bring Rivals of Aether to more platforms. These won’t be happening until we have completed the Definitive Edition as that is the version we plan to bring to consoles. Right now we are prioritizing the Nintendo Switch as we are currently looking into developers who can help us port the game out of Game Maker Studio so we can release on the Switch. We also have plans for both Mac and Linux for late 2018 but may or may not release with netcode support. That depends on if we can get help on programming that aspect. Finally we have plans for a Windows 10 Store release for Rivals of Aether sometime in 2018 but that has a similar issue as Mac and Linux as we do not currently have a netcode solution for Windows 10. Make sure you follow Rivals of Aether on Twitter to get the latest news on what platforms we are coming to and when you can expect to play them.

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