Roadmap for Big Updates Coming to Moonlighter in 2018 – Switch Version Still on Track for This Year

Since the recent release of the action-adventure RPG Moonlighter, which puts player in the role of a shopkeeper during the day and a dungeon crawler at night, publisher 11 bit studios and developer Digital Sun Games have received positive reception for the game. After listening to community ideas and feedback, they’ve laid out a roadmap displaying what’s to come to Moonlighter this year free of charge, with “even MORE updates planned for 2019”.


  • More Stock Update — Our first update will ​ add more than 50 new rooms​ ​distributed all over the four dungeons​ making a total of ​ almost 600 room patterns available​! It’s also going to improve the look of armors and enchanted items, plus we plan to add some additional help/tutorials to explain different shop upgrades better.
  • Adventure Update — New Game+​ lets players start the whole game again with increased difficulty level. This update will also bring brand new​ Dimensional Weapons and Amulets​, powerful equipment based on an unknown and mysterious technology.
  • Companion Update — Feeling lonely in the Dungeons? Worry no more! ​Choose a companion and bring it with you on the adventure​ ! ​Each companion will be a little bit different, offering various skill sets and looks. On top of that we’re going to introduce​ the ​ Custom Game​ — a set of options that will allow you to to modify certain game parameters to create diverse experiences.
  • Trouble Update — Put your skills to the test by battling some brand new mini bosses! We’re not going to tell you anything more about them — because we want those enemies to surprise (and brutally defeat… muah ha ha ha) you during your adventures. Yup, we’re sadistic like that sometimes. We’re also going to add new​ Item Effects, boosting the game’s variety. This update should arrive sometime around Halloween — so we’re hoping to bring you some spoOOoky stuff, too!

About the official soundtrack:

“We absolutely love what David Fenn did with Moonlighter’s Official Soundtrack. The feeling of nostalgia, lust for adventure and unending thirst for gold – everything is there! But the best things in the world are those which we can share with others. That’s why, from now on, you can listen to ​ Moonlighter’s OST on Spotify​! If you prefer other platforms, it’s also​ available on Bandcamp​, where you can also buy it to support David and his awesome creativity!”

About the Nintendo Switch version:

“Last but not least, YES the​ Switch version of Moonlighter is still coming this year​! Nothing has changed here. If there is anything new to announce — we are going to announce it ASAP on our channels (see the list above? Now might be a good time to give us a like/follow) — so stay tuned!”

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