RUMOR: Ridge Racer 8 and “First-Person Shooter/Adventure” Both Developed and Exclusive to Nintendo Switch According to LinkedIn Profile

YouTuber Doctre81 provides this bit of information relating to two Bandai Namco projects supposedly in development for the Nintendo Switch as console exclusives. According to the LinkedIn profile, the unannounced IP being a first-person shooter/adventure could very well hint to Metroid Prime 4, already announced for the system with which development team responsible currently unknown. The other is Ridge Racer 8, the next installment in the series which we’ve haven’t seen in about a dozen years. Both would make complete sense, bringing back a well-known series and Bandai Namco being in charge of developing a 1st-party Nintendo IP as they have done successfully so in the past. A profile with these exact results can be found on LinkedIn.


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