Shigeru Miyamoto on A Possible Mario 64 Remake and More

 In a recent interview conducted with Game Informer, Nintendo icon Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with them to discuss Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s reception, creating a Mario game based on Yoichi Kotabe’s long-running original artwork for the Mario series, and more. Below are just a few highlights of a much bigger interview found here:


Have you been watching the positive reception for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? Has it given the Mario team a confidence boost?

Miyamoto: This concept of open world is something I had when I built the very first Zelda and so it’s not that I have played a lot of open world games to get that concept, but I did feel that, as the franchise was moving forward, that we were losing that concept of open world and so we decided to go back to the essence and really kind of build a game that really brings to life that concept and I was definitely not sure how it was going to be accepted and I think the team was the same way in that we just built a game we thought would really bring to life what we were really trying to accomplish. And even with the last year to six months before the release all we could do was really try to believe in what we created and really polish and finish it up and make sure we felt good about it, and it wasn’t until those final touches that we felt like were going in the right direction. And even then, we definitely weren’t sure if it was going to do well or not, so I was very relieved when it did well.

To put it into a more detailed example, you have a terrain that you’re traversing and it has rivers and hills and it’s part of the fun, but if there is a rock formation here and a rock formation there, until this idea and concept is fun, until you put in the resources in to make it, you’re not sure if it is actually going to be fun.


We’ve been seeing more of Yoichi Kotabe’s classic Mario art lately in marketing and other places, like the character select screen in Super Mario 3D World. Will we ever see a 2D game made entirely of Kotabe’s art?

Miyamoto: We’re at almost like a turning point. When you look at Mickey Mouse there is the classic Mickey Mouse, and then there is the modern Mickey Mouse and the classic one has a lot of flavor to it and the modern Mickey Mouse looks really great, but it is losing a little bit of the flavor, and that’s something we discuss to make sure we keep that intact as we’re creating characters. And of course the development team for any Mario game may want to use Kotabe’s art, but there is also a character-development team that’s really working hard to create new styles and new work. Once they get more work done, I think more and more of that will be reflected into games.

We did a collaboration recently with Uniqlo where it was a contest for people to send in drawings, and like that we want to continue create and evolve new art styles.


Nintendo did such a beautiful job for remaking the Nintendo 64 Zelda titles for 3DS. Do you feel like you’d ever want to see an update of Mario 64 as well? Or do you feel that that game visually holds up well?

We have a version of Mario 64 on the DS, and as you mentioned there are Zelda ports on the 3DS, but rather than focus on trying to remake them, I would rather if we were to think about porting them, focus on more recent titles, but using the unique gameplay elements of the Switch. When you think about the playstyle of the Switch it would be great if I could play all classic games on it.

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