Super Mario Odyssey Information Has Unfortunately Been Leaked – Leaker Deserves Penalization

A user on the 4chan boards has been steadily revealing information and posting screenshots of Super Mario Odyssey in a thread – which I will not provide a link for – and it’s been receiving a lot of heat. The user posted screenshots confirming that they were downloading the game which may strongly infer that they have gotten hold of a review code. It’s known that Nintendo has only given codes for review and no physical copies, so unless the leaker somehow obtained the game via breaking into the Switch eShop then the person is most likely part of the media who Nintendo entrusted a review code to.

Super Mario Odyssey is still under embargo, and as so, they have broken the rules. Clearly. This is absolutely unacceptable. People of the press just want to cover video game news and talk about products. Major companies in the industry who are widely known through every part of the world create ties with media professionals to help spread awareness of their product. And the journalists who desire to cover those exact products have often worked hard to get where they are at building a relationship with the followers in their community and the companies who create the best video game experiences for everyone.

Breaking the embargo rules is beneficiary in absolutely no regard. If it’s the attention one seeks, it’s certainly overkill. All it takes is just mentioning you have an early copy to review and you’ve succeeded. Now everyone knows. You won. You have the thing that others do not. Companies create an embargo for their products for multiple reasons and when you break them you:

  • spoil the contents of the game when it’s soon to release, upsetting fans.
  • create the chance of information be spread elsewhere even if you’ve taken it down.
  • lessen the chances of other people in the media to obtain review copies, especially underdogs.
  • most importantly gone behind the back of a company who trusted you.

Leaking information and completely disregarding the embargo list provided is just selfish. There’s other ways of putting it, but that’s one way.

We see this type of thing happen many times, but it’s to the point where it’s of no understanding anymore. The video game industry is always evolving as is technology in general, but it’s the clueless individuals who are stuck in a dimension of thinking separate from everyone else who respects the unspoken (and spoken) policies. It’s disrespectful.

As always, take caution when on the internet and especially social media. This often happens around big releases.

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