SUPERBEAT: XONiC Releases For Nintendo Switch On November 21st

PM Studios and Acttil are excited to announce that SUPERBEAT: XONiC will be released on Nintendo Switch in North America on November 21, 2017! To celebrate the release announcement, we are releasing a handful of game footage videos for our long-awaiting fans! In addition to the included soundtrack of over 65 songs – from R&B to rock, techno to K-pop – new tracks will be available via DLC on the release date. And to celebrate the game’s debut on Switch, these all-new DLC tracks will be free for Switch users!

In the EU, we will be releasing SUPERBEAT: XONiC digitally on 30th November, and physically on 8th December through our awesome partners at Rising Star Games!

7 free DLC songs for Switch users!

1. Rackin Gravity by 7 Sequence
2. Neko-kun by Basiscape
3. Select, Start by Steven Silo
4. Donut Island by Steven Silo
5. Oh-Wei-Oh by Bentley Jones
6. STUTTA 2.0 by Bentley Jones
7. Talk 2 U by Bentley Jones

For PlayStation 4 and Xbox users!
These songs will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox as well!

“Rackin Gravity” is free. All other songs are $1.99 each.
Bundle 1 includes songs 2-4 for $4.99, available on Aug. 15.
Bundle 2 includes songs 5-7 for $4.99, available on Aug. 29.

If rocking out all alone doesn’t satisfy your DJ cravings, check out the world DJ ranking system! Put your rhythm to the test and share your passion with players around the world!


Source: Rising Star Games

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