Tempered Traffic Control Needed – ‘Urban Flow’ is Coming Exclusively to Nintendo Switch on June 26

Baltoro Games is bringing Urban Flow to Nintendo Switch on June 26 as an exclusive title on the eShop. The game is aimed for fans of action puzzles. Cars fill the streets as if they were blood vessels and it’s up to the player to control the traffic lights in order to ensure the flow does not come to a halt with any crashes.

Key Features:

  • Hand-crafted, low poly artstyle with 100 levels.
  • Various weather conditions.
  • Endless Mode & Chill Mode – Play with no score to keep track of, no time limit. Enjoy no rush while enjoying the music.
  • Scaled drop-in/drop-out co-op up to 4 players. – Help your friends, or cause the chaos.
  • Multiple control schemes including touchscreen support.

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