The Engine Room #33 – Image & Form on SteamWorld Quest, Q&A, New Gameplay and Giveaway

After a short hiatus, The Engine Room returns with an update from Image & Form headquarters about what’s been going on with the Swedish indie developers. Julius Guldbog and Brjann Sigurgeirsson sit down and give us tidbits about their upcoming RPG, SteamWorld Quest. Below is the video of the latest episode.

Some takeaways from The Engine Room #33:

  • the game started off small and was meant to be a smaller release, but turned into something larger.
  • wanting to fuse steampunk with fantasy.
  • the idea was being played with around SteamWorld Dig 2’s announcement.
  • due to most fans requesting an RPG, SteamWorld Quest turned into a bigger and better product.
  • SteamWorld Quest is more in line of it being a JRPG with card mechanics rather than a card battling game using RPG elements.
  • developers confident in the card system on its own, however. Not downplaying its depth.
  • Each character has their own card builds which are then shuffled into one deck for battle.
  • less about exploring; more about story, characters and their interactions with each other, and the RPG aspects.
  • 3 playable characters confirmed with more hinted at.
  • many hours of gameplay seems to be the case.
  • No multiplayer. Single player only.
  • No microtransactions, lootboxes, etc.
  • DLC possible.
  • Different difficulty settings for those who just want to play for the story.
  • possibility of a future tabletop game.
  • Slated for a 2019 release first on Nintendo Switch; other platforms still planned.

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