The Mysterious Android 21 Enters the Arena in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Android 21 is veiled in mystery as her origins are unclear and her appearance in DRAGON BALL FighterZ is her first foray in the DRAGON BALL universe. What we do know is she’s a researcher for the Red Ribbon Army and she will be quite a fierce fighter, able to hold her own against the likes of Goku, Cell, Vegeta, and more. Today, you’ll get a glimpse of Android 21 in action as she makes her way into battle within DRAGON BALL FighterZ.

We’re now just days away from players finally getting their hands on DRAGON BALL FighterZ (launching on January 26, 2018) in the Americas for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PCs via STEAM; we can’t wait to see the resulting battles!

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