The Soundtrack to Fe is Now Available on Spotify

Swedish indie game Fe has touched a lot of people since its release earlier this year, and the music and sound design especially have been praised by both media and gamers. Now you can find the carefully crafted soundtrack on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and other digital stores!

Fe released on February 16th as the first titles of the EA Originals program, where the world-leading publisher Electronic Arts help smaller studios develop and publish their titles. In Fe, you take on the role of a young cub waking up in a forest invaded by mystical creatures called the Silent Ones. To defeat them you need to take help of the rest of the wildlife around you, befriending animals you meet along the way through song.

“After working on the soundtrack for Fe for the last couple of years, I’m really happy to be able to share it with everyone. It’s been a big challenge and I’m very proud of how it all turned out!” says Joel Bille, composer and sound designer.
Listen to the soothing tunes from the forest depths, follow the vivid melodies of the ocean and the haunting wails of the Silent Ones. Revisit all the areas of the world of Fe through the 15 tracks now releasing digitally.
Praise for the Fe soundtrack:
“Along with a level of audio design that outclasses many AAA games, and entrancing, almost meditative music, you’ll unfailingly be swept up into this world.”
– Matt Kamen, Trusted reviews
“Fe sounds stellar the whole way through. Its music is passionate and beautiful”
– Tom Marks, IGN
“At the very least you’ll want a pair of good headphones to really feel the music”
– David Lloyd, Nintendo World Report
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Full list of distribution outlets: 
24-7 Entertainment, 7 Digital, Amazon Music, Anghami, Deezer, Google Play, Gracenote, Gramo, HelloJuneNet, InProdicon, iTunes / Apple Music, NRK DMA, Pandora, Rhapsody / Napster, SecuryCast, Shazam, Simfy Africa, Slacker, SoundCloud, SoundExchange, Spotify, TIDAL / WiMP, YouTube Content ID, YouTube Red

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