The Wind Waker Meets Stardew Valley, “Summer in Mara” by Chibig Studio, Hits Kickstarter

Summer in Mara, the new game by Chibig Studio (known for Deiland on PC and PlayStation 4), hits Kickstarter today. Set in a tropical archipelago, Summer in Mara is a summer adventure about taking care of your own island, farming your land and crafting new tools. Also, you can sail away to explore the ocean.

Koa lives by her own in the home island. Mara, the ocean that brings us life, has always called her. Now, with her boat, she can explore this ocean and discover new islands.

With new islands come, new people, ready to meet you and trade with you. Befriend them is very important since it will make Mara a better place. Because the ocean is in danger. An evil corporation called Elit wants to conquer and exploit Mara’s resources.

Planned for a summer 2019 release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC. Different tiers earn you different physical goodies such as an art book, soundtrack, plushie, ukulele and more, but for just $18 backers will get a digital code for the game.

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