Tiny Metal Rolls Out New Skirmish Maps, Backstory and Unit Balancing

Videogame developer AREA 35, Inc. is pleased to make available its latest TINY METAL content update with all-new skirmish maps, fleshed out Metalpedia entries, and unit balancing to put fans back into the thick of battle to command their units to victory. TINY METAL is currently available on Steam, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, with today’s updates now available on all platforms.

TINY METAL on the Nintendo Switch eShop

Key Features:

Campaign: Guide Lt. Nathan Gries and his Artemisian forces as he struggles with the question of what is — and what isn’t — worth fighting for in a 20-hour campaign full of unique characters.
Skirmish: Dozens of additional challenging scenarios and maps where you jump straight into the action!
New Game +: Once you navigate through TINY METAL’s campaign, it’s time to ratchet up the difficulty in New Game + mode!
15 units: From basic Riflemen to the fearsome tanks called Metals, a deep collection of units have their own unique strengths and weakness, and rank up with experience on the battlefield!
Hero Units: More powerful versions of the 15 units that can join the battle and rank up, AND carry over from mission to mission!
Watch Your Language: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian, and German!
Free Updates: MULTIPLAYER and more coming soon via TINY METAL’s DLC updates!

“When we first set out to create TINY METAL over a year ago, we were just a small group of experienced Japanese game developers with dreams of playing another Advance Wars-type strategy game,” reflects AREA 35 Director Hiroaki Yura. “And now that TINY METAL has been released, we’re dedicated to making it the best experience possible with Patch 1.0.10, and look forward to implementing your continued feedback as we march towards our multiplayer update.”

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