Toki Tori Developer Digs Deep Into Their Vault To Bring Unreleased “Swap This!” to Nintendo Switch on November 2nd

Publisher and developer Two Tribes has worked on a match-puzzle game 7 years ago titled Swap This! which never got a proper release. Now, they’ve thought it was the right time to get it out there to the people and release it exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 2 for the low price of 1.19 $/€ with pre-orders live now. Nintendo Switch was chosen due to the game being best played on a touch-screen which it has support for, but TV play is still an option.

What’s different from your usual sugar-coated matching puzzle?
In Swap This! you can swap colored ice cubes anywhere on screen, whenever you want, in real time. So getting good really comes down to dexterity and tactics. You’ll soon find yourself building up screen-clearing combos!

Additionally, the game includes 5 super-charged power-ups and 4 distinct play modes. There’s a ton of stuff to keep you busy!

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