Tokyo School Life: Character Spots and Pre-order Now Available on Nintendo Switch

PQubeDogenzaka Lab and developer M2 are excited to introduce the main characters of Tokyo School Life and announce that the game can now be pre-ordered in the Nintendo eShop. The charming visual novel is releasing digitally for Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America this Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

Introducing the lovely members of Tomoe Dorm

  • MINATSUGI Sakura (Voiced by: MUTUKI Touka) – Warm and friendly. Loves books. Struggling with an illness from a young age. Tomoe Dorm belongs to her relatives.
  • YAYOI Karin (Voiced by: KAZUMI Momo) – Cute, energetic and girlish. Aspires to be an idol. Was a loose cannon when she was a kid. Started acting after seeing her favorite idol live.
  • HAZUKI Aoi (Voiced by: KAZUNA Sayaka) – Curious, quick to make friends and dislikes conflict. Always sticks her nose into other people’s business. Grandfather is the master of a karate dojo. Self-conscious of her boyish tendencies, but hasn’t tried to address her slightly rough speaking style.

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