Twin-Stick Shooter Tower Defense Hybrid “X-Morph: Defense” is Out Now for Nintendo Switch

X-Morph: Defense launches on Nintendo Switch today. The digital version of the game will be available for $19.99, the Complete Edition, including all the previously released DLCs will be available for $29.99. However, the Japanese gamers will also be able to buy X-Morph from the Nintendo eShop thanks to Teyon Japan™ who is responsible for the game’s digital distribution on that market. On top of that, the title is also available as a boxed version in Europe and Avance Discos™ is handling its distribution.


•   Dynamic building-destruction system. Every building in the game can be destroyed piece by piece, while realistic physics simulation makes every destruction scenario unique;
•    28 different enemy types, both ground and airborne;
•   The Main Campaign offers close to twenty hours of adrenaline powered gameplay, supported by three extensive DLCs;
•    Epic duels with challenging bosses;
•    10-level Survival Mode campaign;
•    Numerous types of weapons, towers, and upgrades that affect the strategic depth of the game;
•    Completely destructible environment and unique tower defense mechanics that create endless gameplay possibilities;
•    All-star voice cast – including Michael McConnohie, Natalie Roers, Ryan Laughton, and Tori Kamal;
•    13 language versions available.

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