Viking Strategy Game ‘Northgard’ Releases Free Map Editor Update

Northgard, the Viking strategy game enjoyed by more than 1.9 million players, receives one of its largest free content updates today with an all-new Map Editor. Developer Shiro Games recently brought the title and its expansions to GoG on May 19, 2020 and will introduce more new faces to Northgard’s harsh winters on May 28 when the game debuts on Origin.

With the all-new Map Editor, chieftains can create, alter, and transform custom battlefields. Populate maps with precious resources and strategic structures to secure while incorporating environmental objects and rival clans to form diverse and dynamic stages. Make use of intuitive creation tools to adjust or overhaul the layouts of classic maps and change everything from terrain to elevation with the click of a button.

Alongside these creation tools, this update includes external options for further customization, providing the ability to tinker with building and unit data. Attack power, defensive stats, health, recruitment price, and more are all modifiable. Commanders can also utilize custom scripts to author entirely new experiences by writing new victory conditions and AI routines.

Northgard’s new Map Editor update features Steam Workshop support as well, so creations can be easily shared with and enjoyed by other members of the community.

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