Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Details & Footage From Milan Games Week

  • You can toggle a simpler UI in the middle of battle that removes descriptions, helpful for removing clutter.
  • The UI issue where the level of special art is not shown for the first stage has been resolved.
  • The Unique Monster Theme has changed again?
  • The Fonsa Myma Night theme can be heard.
  • There’s a mechanic where you can combine the Break, Topple, Launch with the Special Arts.
  • Extending Chain Attacks seems to be based on Bursting the Elemental Orbs rather than random affinity between characters.
  • There’s an announcer like Baten Kaitos who exclaims when something rad is happening.
  • There is probably way more choice making at any given moment than either Xenoblade X or the original.

• When the game begins, Rex is working as a Titan merchant, selling resources from the more plentiful Titans to ones that have none for money. While on a job with a team of mercenaries, he meets Pyra, who wants to go back home to Elysium, the tree where all creatures come from.
• Blades do not level up, but as you use them more and more, their affinity with a Driver upgrades and they become more powerful and effective, especially in combos.
• Those that are trying to stop Rex and Pyra are just after them because they’re Wanted, not actually knowing why they’re trying to stop them. This Wanted status was put on Rex and Pyra by some higher, unknown force.
• Nomura designed everything for Torna’s Titan, from characters to ships to housing and more.
• Nintendo contracted a whole bunch of manga, anime, and game artists to design dozens of characters, Titans, etc., including people who have worked on Fire Emblem and Macross, among other things.
• There is a theatre where you can watch performances that tell the world’s story. These are actually important to the story, one particularly so.


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