Yet Another Zombie Defense HD – Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2019

Developed by Awesome Games Studio, Yet Another Zombie Defense HD has passed one million copies sold on PC and Xbox One. Now, the zombies march toward the Nintendo Switch. So warm up your thumbs, and start assembling your barricades and improving your survival skills – once 2019 comes and the invasion starts, it’ll already be too late for any preparations. Zombies… Zombies everywhere… And they’re not here to discuss the civil rights of the undead over a cup of tea. They’re here to rip apart, to bite, to gobble, and to feast on your brain. So, you have two choices: 1) Give up and die, or 2) Don’t give up and die. The difference between the two? Leaderboards! It’s all about the leaderboards.

Yet Another Zombie Defense HD is a top-down arcade zombie shooter with tactical and strategic elements. Prepare yourself before nightfall by building defensive barricades, buying guns and ammo, and setting up turrets, then stay alive for as long as you can. Each night puts your skills to the test, as the zombie forces become stronger with each wave. Make your death memorable as you shoot your way to a glorious end.


  • Local and online co-op for up to four players – slaying monsters alone is fun, but doing it with your friends? It’s up to four times better!
  • Mount your favorite firearms on automated turrets and set traps – it’s a well-known fact that zombies aren’t smart, so they won’t be expecting it.
  • Guns, guns, guns… and more guns! Choose from a variety of weapons – shotguns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers, and many more.
  • Pick your favorite game mode:
  • – Defense.
    – Endless.
    – Deathmatch.
  • Compete with others and dominate the leaderboard.
  • Zooombieees! Who doesn’t love to smash their rotten little faces?
  • Oh, and did we mention guns yet? No, really, there’s literally tons of them!

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